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Excel to Tally EazyAUTO4

What is Excel to Tally?

  • Excel to Tally.ERP 9 is data migration process.
    • Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft.
    • Tally.ERP 9 is a leading business management & business accounting software in the world developed by Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru – 560 068. India.
    • EazyAUTO4 Excel to Tally Data Converter is an utility software which help users to integrate excel data with Tally accounting software. 
Why people need to import Excel data into Tally.ERP 9?
  • For finalization of Accounting they have to post all transactions in Tally Accounting Software, for submitting vat returns and making financial statement (balance sheet), chartered accountant (c.a.) / tax professionals /accountant required all financial transaction in tally accounting software.
  • To avoid this repetitive work, save time & labour work.
Why do people maintain their data in excel or in other formats/software instead of Tally Accounting software?
  • May be some business requirement are not getting fit in Tally, because of special business requirement , ( that can be done thru TDL also) but people want ready software that’s why people are using other business software(s)
  • People who don’t have knowledge of Tally accounting software & don’t want to use any software, but they need to keep record of their business transactions, that’s why they are maintain data in excel.
From where people get data in excel?
  • Almost all companies, traders, e- shopping malls -mega stores, schools/colleges, hospitals, hotels, finance companies and many more business verticals using their own customized Billing/ERP systems for their daily business. They can export their financial transactions for further reporting into Microsoft Excel. As all we know no one can play role like Tally in Financial Accounting, for purpose of finalization of Accounting they have to post all these transactions again in Tally. To avoid this repetitive work and reposting mistakes it possible to post these vouchers using EazyAUTO4 via Excel to Tally.
About EazyAUTO4 Excel to Tally.ERP9 Data Converter Software:
Using with EazyAUTO4 Excel to Tally Data Converter developed by Impression Systems, Nasik-422011 Maharashtra, India. 
EazyAUTO4 helps user to import data from Excel to Tally.ERP9 from various format. You can say it is Excel to Tally converter utility which eliminates your repetitive work and posts financial data to Tally more effectively and easily.  you can book your voucher entries, ledger accounts, price lists etc in minimal efforts. We have provided standard Excel Templates to import data from Excel to Tally. You only have to copy and paste or MAP your Excel data to our standard templates. Post entries in Daybook format or in Register format there are no limitations. There is also an option to Export data from Tally to Excel.

How to import Excel Data in Tally?
  • Open Tally and Select desire company
  • Open EazyAUTO4
    • Select Tally Company in EazyAUTO4
    • Excel to Tally
    • Select your data type from Vouchers Or Masters
    • Select appropriate Option from Vouchers Or Masters
    • Click on use template and Enter/Put data in required fields
    • Click on Generate button
    • Switch to EazyAUTO4, Click on Refresh and Click on Book
    • After Booking process switch to Tally & Its Done....
What type of transactions can be imported Excel to Tally?
  • Contra Entries
  • Payment Entries
  • Receipt/Collections Entries
  • Journal Voucher Entries
  • Sales Entries
  • Purchase Entries
  • Debit Note 
  • Credit Note
  • Sales Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Delivery Note
  • Receipt Note
  • Stock Transfer-Manufacturing Journal
What type of Masters can be imported Excel to Tally?
  • Ledgers Creation
  • Sub-Group Creation
  • Stock Creation
  • Multi-Level Price list
  • Cost Centres
In which version of Tally excel data imported?
  • Tally 6.3
  • Tally 7.2
  • Tally 8.0
  • Tally 9.0
  • Tally.ERP 9 [Tally.ERP9 32BIT / Tally.ERP9 64BIT (Latest)]
How to download excel to tally EazyAUTO4?
  • Downloading demo version is FREE!
  • Use this link to download demo version http://www.exceltotally.in/download.php?id=Auto4Setup
  • Just fill the form & get download it, PLEASE enter Valid Details to get latest updates & Offers. If you dont want to be contacted by Impression Systems's Representative, Enter Phone No .as "DO NOT CALL" Instead of Entering WRONG NUMBERS.
Is this free Or Paid?
  • Download of Demo / Trail Version is FREE
  • For complete use without restrictions/ limitations you will have to buy the lincese version of EazyAUTO4
  • for pricing details please see this link: http://www.exceltotally.in/buy.php
If you want to Import Excel data into Tally.ERP9 Accounting Software if you have any query please contact us on +91-90110-31113 | mail@eazy.co.in or visit @ http://www.exceltotally.in
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