Tally.ERP9 GST Reports Errors & Solutions

Tally.ERP9 Accounting Software.

GST Reports
Incomplete/Mismatch In Information (to be resolved)

From Gateway of Tally.ERP9: -->>Display-->> -->>Statutory Reports-->>GST-->>GSTR-1/GSTR-2
Error: 1
Tax rate/tax type note specified (A)

Error Screen Shot1
Error Screen Shot1

  1. Tax rate not specified in stock item (or)
  2. Tax Ledgers CGST & SGST Not configured correctly.
Solution: Alter Sales, CGST & SGST, Cess etc / Stock Items
  1. Ledger Alteration [ From Gateway of Tally: ]
    • Accounts Info-->>Ledgers-->>Alter-->> Select Tax Ledger(s)
    • Ex. CGST-->> Under-->>Duties & Taxes-->> Type of duty/Tax-->GST-->>Tax Type-->> Central Tax. [ Do same changes for SGST="State Tax" ] & Accept ="Yes"
  2. Stock Item Alteration [ From Gateway of Tally: ]
    • Inventory Info-->>Stock Items-->>Alter-Select Item and enter.
    • GST Applicable-->> Applicable
    • Set/alter GST Details-->>"Yes"
    • Colculation type-->> "On Value"
    • Taxability -->> "Taxable"
    • Ingratiated Tax-->> "Enter %"
    • Type of Supply-->>Goods
    • Yes

Error: 2
Tax rate/tax type note specified (B)

Screen Shot-1
Screen Shot-2
Screen Shot-3
[ Open Entry and check in buyer details, State and Place of Supply must be same as per Tally ]

    State name mismatched as per Tally.

    Correct the state name and place of supply as per Tally. "Maharashtra"

    Error: 3

    Information required for generating table-wise details not proved.
    Screen Shot1
    Screen Shot2

    1. GSTIN/UIN is not invalid/ there is an mistake while entering GST Number.
    2. State name Mismatched as per Tally 

    1. Enter Correct/Actual GST Number.  [You can validate  number on "https://services.gst.gov.in/services/searchtp"]
    2. Check for State Name.

    Error: 4
    Mismatch due to tax amount modified in voucher.
    Screen Shot-1
    Screen Shot-2

    • Tax amount not entered correctly.
    • For Example of above screen shot-2, actual amount of CGST Rs.1,359/- & SGST Rs.1,359/-, but entered as CGST Rs.1,340/- & SGST Rs.1,340/-
    • Enter actual CGST/SGST tax value 
    • For Example Taxable Amount of Rs.100/- & GST % 12, then 

    Import Excel to Tally.ERP9 Muti-Currency Transactions

    What is Multi Currency (TallyERP9)?
    Many organizations have transactions in more than one currency. Such transactions have to be recorded either in the base (home) currency or in the foreign currency. If the transactions are recorded in home currency, the rate at which the foreign currency is exchanged should be recorded as well. At times you need to record the transaction in the foreign currency itself when you maintain the balance of the concerned account in foreign currency.
    Users can define unlimited currencies (US dollars USD/$ , Singapore dollars SGD  | Indian Rupee Rs / ₹ , €/EUR, AED etc.), specify whether to view the currencies either in Lakhs or Millions and use multi-currency concurrently. For example, your company’s balance sheet in India can be viewed by your business partner in Japan in Yen.

    How to enable multi currency in TallyERP9?
    A] Enable Multi-Currency feature in Tally.ERP 9.
    • Go to Gateway of Tally
    • Select F11: Accounting Features
    • Set Allow Multi-Currency to “Yes”
    • Accept to Save.
    B] Creating Currencies
    Tally.ERP 9 allows creating unlimited currencies
    each with their own specified symbol. To do this:
    • Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info> Currencies > Create
    • Enter the required details as shown
    • below:
    • Setting ‘No’ to ‘Show Amounts in
    • Millions’ will display the currency in
    • Lakhs.
    • Accept the screen.

    3) How to book Sales, Purchase, Receipt, Payment and etc. with Multi Currency from excel to TallyERP9?
     Introduction : EazyAUTO4 is a software developed by “Impression Systems and Software Pvt. Ltd.”. It can help to book your voucher entries, ledger accounts, price lists etc. in minimal efforts. Just copy and paste or MAP your data to our standard templates and that’s all. This utility helps user to import data from Excel to tally in various format. You can say it is Excel to Tally converter utility which eliminates your repetitive work and posts financial data to Tally more effectively and easily. There is also an option to Export data from Tally to Excel. We provide standard Excel Templates to import data from Excel to Tally. Know-more...

    Using “EazyAUTO4” Excel to Tally Data Converter, book excel’s data into tally like Sales, Purchase, Receipt, Payment and etc with multi currency.

    As you can see below in image you should have to provide details of Multi Currency like “Foreign Currency, Forex Amount (Optional), Rate of Exchange and Base Currency”. After all required field filled Click on “Generate Entries” and go thru the process.
    Go to EazyAUTO4 >> Columnar Voucher Register >> Refresh Entries from Excel >> Book in Tally.

    Entries are booked in tally as you can see:
    Open booed entry.
    Multi-Currency Details: 
    Rate of Exchange, Forex Amount, And Base Value is showing in Tally as per Excel data.
    No worry if you have bulk data in excel, with the help of EazyAUTO4 Excel to Tally Data Converter you can book unlimited excel data into Tally.ERP9

    Know more... Please visit @ http://www.exceltotally.in