EazyAUTO4: Simple & easiest way to post data from Excel to Tally
Unique Features:
  • Import Bank Statements as it is downloaded from Banka?Ts website in MS Excel Format
  • You may map your excel sheet with our standard template
  • Undo Delete option added for entries booked automatically in Tally
  • Multiple inventories can be imported using entriesreg.xls
Excel-to-Tally Features:
  • Excel to Tally Inventory Data Entries Posting (Sales with Inventory, Purchase With Inventory, Debit Note With Inventory, Credit Note With Inventory, Journal Mode Entry With Inventory)
  • Excel to Tally Ledger Creation
  • Excel to Tally inventory Item Master Creation
  • Excel to Tally Multilevel Price List Creation
  • Excel to Tally Multiple Modes Entries Posting
  • Excel to Tally Sub-Group Creation
  • Excel to Tally Day Book Entries Posting in vertical Format with Multiple Ledgers
  • Select Ledgers by activating "List of Accounts" in Excel to fast & error free entries
  • Post Voucher Entries in Tally via Excel in Specific Ledger which is created under Sub-Group
  • Automatic Ledger Creation while Booking Entries Excel to Tally
Features List in PDF format
Versatile Data Migration Flow chart.

Steps to Install Demo:
If you could download demo setup earlier, please download using link provided below:
Download Setup Files:
EazyAUTO4: http://www.impressionsystems.com/impr_products/Auto4Setup.zip
RTLibsetup: http://impressionsystems.com/impr_products/RTLibSetup.ExE
Open downloaded Auto4Setup.zip & install setup, if any problem while installing EazyAUTO4 please contact us on 
Online Demo (Using Remote Desktop Sharing):Please download EsupportX.exe using following link:EsupportX.exe
If any problem while opening link then just copy & paste following link:
In internet browser's address bar & press enter key & save file on desktop.
After complete download of "EsupportX.exe"  RUN This file Esupport file &  select an agent from list & click on Connect button.

Useful Information links:
 . Frequently asked question before buying the products
   o http://www.impressionsystems.com/faqbeforebuy.php
 . What can i do with Standard version of EazyAUTO4 (Without Add-Ons)?
   o http://www.impressionsystems.com/excel-sheets-converted-to-auto4-templates.php
 . Additional Add-Ons available for Excel to Tally on website, you may check list
   o https://impressionsystems.com/services4eazy.php#Add-ons
 . Refund Policy
   o https://impressionsystems.com/faqbeforebuy.php#RefundPolicy
How to enable ODBC server in Tally7.2 / Tally9 / Tally.ERP9?
Download Steps: http://impressionsystems.com/EnableODBCServer.php
Watch Online Excel to Tally Videos:
For further queries / clarification please feel free to write / call us.